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Specialty Drinks

Green Tea Latte

A creamy blend of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea and frothy milk, with hints of honey and vanilla.

Tea Latte

Your tea of choice with smooth, frothy milk and complementary flavor.

Tea Sparkle

Your choice of tea varietals and flavor, topped with sparkling water over ice.

Southern Honey Sweet Tea

Organic Blue Mountain Nilgiri Black Tea with a twist of lemon and the sweetness of honey and pure cane sugar.


Nilgiri Black Tea and tangy lemonade form the perfect blend to keep you going throughout the day!

Chai Latte

Our in-house blend of black teas, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and other spices, with a touch of honey and vanilla blended with creamy milk. Also available in decaf herbal Rooibos.

Mate Latte

Smooth, energizing and antioxidant-rich Yerba Mate, blended with creamy milk and hints of honey and agave.

Red Rocks Latte

Herbal rooibos red tea steamed with creamy milk and sweetened with vanilla for a delightful caffeine-free treat.

Coffee Drinks

We brew locally roasted NOVO coffee and espresso for all of our coffee creations.

Tea Varietals

Our pre-steeped teas are perfectly steeped and ready to go to ensure a quality cup every time.

Custom Cup

We happily steep up any tea from our selection of over 30 loose leaf teas.

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Steep carries a large variety of over 30 loose leaf teas available for sale by the ounce.